White Lung - Deep Fantasy

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This resilient group of hard-hitting indie-rockers will catch your attention right away. The band, now on their third release are still as confrontational as they were on their past two releases, but it seems like they have opened up their sound a bit. The songs are ear catching but don’t get too close or Mish Way, lead vocalist, sounds like she might punch you out before continuing on.

For those not familiar with White Lung, imagine if Sleater-Kinney actually made more thought-provoking songs and all the musicians were good. Ultimately, this Canadian quartet aren’t creating anything we haven’t heard from bands like Melt Banana or The Distillers, but it is refreshing to hear a female vocalist that doesn’t sound like she is sing-crying like Hayley Williams of Paramore.

Although comparisons can be drawn to other female punk acts, Way lyrically explores some important, yet provocative topics like addiction in the track “Down With Addiction,” body image in “Snake Jaw” and sexuality during “Down It Goes.” In addition to the lyrics, guitarist Kenneth William gives the songs energy with a playing style a-la 80s hardcore.

Ultimately, it seems like I have heard this band before, but in many other bands. This is not upsetting though because I feel as if this band is filling the hole where Tsunami Bomb and The Runaways left all those years ago. That said, there is an intense amount of energy from the first note to the last on this record. For those of you not into female fronted indie/punk rock bands, this won’t be for you but for those that are missing this style in the genre, White Flag will pleasantly surprise you.

Total Score: 8.2

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