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Are you a diverse individual who enjoys writing and discovering new music?

If you answered "yes" to that question then AudioHammock could be a great fit for you. There are many unique benefits to joining the AH team:

Work with forward-thinking, like minded individuals Discover new music Applicable work experience Build an online presence Receive free music and merchandise Excellent platform to speak freely and passionately about music you love.

AudioHammock is currently looking for contributors who are interested in reviewing albums, blogging about specific genres or regional music scenes, and individuals who are willing to recap concerts and shows from highly populated urban areas. If any of these things interest you or if you have something else in mind that would be mutually beneficial we would love to hear from you.

Be sure to include information about yourself such as your AH interests, a brief statement of why you would fit in, related work experience, your favorite genres and artists, and your geographical location. Please attach a writing sample or link to published material if able.

You may submit all inquiries to