AudioHammock Podcast #85 - Folk with Friends!

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Get Your Folk Fix

In this podcast episode Anthony, Joe, and Russ assemble to discuss new music from some of their favorite and newly discovered singer/songwriters and folk artists from Eastern Oregon, Phoenix, and Boise. New music from Bart Budwig, An American Forrest, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Curtis/Sutton and The Scavengers!

Podcast Episode Timestamps

Cold Open: Start
Bart Budwig's new album Sabai: 2:21
Bart Budwig - "Wyoming Pt. 2" and "Captain and the Dreamer": 3:38
Bart Budwig and Sabai Album Discussion: 10:42
Bart Budwig - "Bonny and Clyde": 22:48
An American Forrest's new album Ol Yonder: 27:48
An American Forrest - "Don't Take Nothin' (Ma and Pa)": 31:37
An American Forrest - "Alberta, Oregon": 37:30
Fond memories of Alex, discussion on Ol Yonder and the OK Theater: 40:30
Anthony introduces us to Courtney Marie Andrews: 45:39
Courtney Marie Andrews - "May Your Kindess Remain": 48:30
How Russ stumbled and rediscovered Curtis|Sutton and the Scavengers: 53:55
Curtis|Sutton and the Scavengers - "Want it to Work": 57:37
Curtis|Sutton and the Scavengers discussion: 62:19
Curtis|Sutton and the Scavengers - "California Man": 65:13
Curtis|Sutton and the Scavengers - "Shame": 71:05
Joe realizes he's actually seen Curtis|Sutton and the Scavengers: 75:35
Closing song: Bart Budwig - "Four Leaf Clover": 78:04

Bart Budwig - Sabai

Genre: Singer/songwriter, Folk
Released: Febrary 1st, 2018
Available digitally on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Bart's official website.

Recorded in a cabin situated within the beautiful Eagle Cap Wilderness in Eastern Oregon, Bart's latest album Sabai is an intimate lo-fi affair filled to the brim with Bart's charm and songwriting ability. The songs, acoustic by nature, are full of narration ("Bonny and Clyde") and wearied wonderment ("Captain & The Dreamer"). If you've seen Bart Budwig live you know how much of a treat his guitar playing and congenial affection can be and it's here with Sabai that it's captured in it's truest form. -Russ Bashaw

An American Forrest - Ol' Yonder

Genre: Singer/songwriter, Folk
Released: Available March 8th
Will be available on An American Forrest's Bandcamp and official website

A friend of the podcast, Alex Forrest VanTuyl is a man of many talents – one of which is his ability to turn a phrase. Forrest was kind enough to give us a preview of his forthcoming record Ol’ Yonder, and we were dissappointed. In some aspects, this record is the epitome of lo-fi production. Part of it was recorded on thrift store cassette recorder, while the latter half of the record was captured on a 4-track tape machine pulled from the depths of the OK Theatre. Forrest cites that these are songs are pulled from the ether – whether he’d written them years ago, or happened upon a tune while enjoying the Wallowa Mountains and Eagle Cap Wilderness. Some are covers and reworks from the likes of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and Gillian Welch. Don’t let the lo-fi moniker fool you – Forrest is a prolific in his lyricism and we hear that on this new offering. -Anthony Saia

Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain

Genre: Singer/songwriter, Folk, Soul
Released: Available on March 23rd, 2018
Available for preorder on vinyl at Bandcamp and Courtney's official website.

When you’re a songwriter and performer, there is a lot of travelling involved. For Courtney Marie Andrews, leaving Tuscon, Arizona, has certainly shaped her as a musician. It seems that her sonic heart has found kindred spirits in Seattle, Washington, where she’s employed session musicians like Dillon Warnek (electric guitar), Daniel Walter (organ, Wurlitzer, accordion), Charles Wicklander (piano, Wurlitzer), William Mapp (drums, percuisson), and Alex Sabel (bass). This group of musicians, paired with world-renowed backing vocalist C.C. White, Andrews is poised to release her higly-anticipated record May Your Kindness Remain. Produced by Mark Howard, the album was recorded in just over eight days in a rented house in L.A., and will likely be one of the best singer-songwriter releases of 2018. We’ve featured the lead track from the record on the podcast. -Anthony Saia

Curtis|Sutton & The Scavengers - Whiskey Rain

Genre: Americana, Folk, Western Blues
Released: August 4th, 2017
Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and the band's official website.

A local fan favorite of resident Boise Audiohammock staff, Curtis/Sutton & The Scavengers offer desolate western blues in spades. Their recent release Whiskey Rain is a treasure trove of guitars, (acoustic and steel), banjo, and fiddle. This is music for the westernized thinking man or woman with nods to blues music of the best kind. Songs like "Want it to Work" will have you toe tapping while relaxing acoustic ballads such as "California Man" will have you questioning your origins and what home really means. There's diversity to be found within this album, both lyrical and instrumental, that ensures repeat listens. -Russ Bashaw

Russ Bashaw

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