AudioHammock Podcast #70 - An Intimate Look At Radiohead's OK Computer

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Radiohead - OK Computer

Genre: Rock
Released: May 21, 1997 on Parlophone (UK) and Capitol (US) records

It's hard to summarize and articulate the significance of this album, OK Computer captures a myriad of distopyian themes in the form of paranoia, isolation, lack of individuality, and politicial skepticism. It does so under a canvas of experimental rock that while still guitar driven has so many layers of vocal harmonies, percussive additives, and sonic textures that one can listen to it twenty years later and still find subtle nuances to uncover. In this podcast episode, Russ Bashaw and Bryan Kocurek discuss the aforementioned themes, and pour over the album on a track by track basis.

AudioHammock Score: 10

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